Where did the Time Go?

As mentioned in my very first post, I’m pretty much hopeless at keeping blogs going.
This time, I’m determined though!
Last time I wrote, I was still pregnant – VERY pregnant, and everything was so exciting and I just couldn’t wait to meet the littlest of our little clan.
Well, he’s here and… he is already four and a half months old as I write this. Phrases like “what the heck?” and “where did the time go!?” come to mind. Yes, indeed, procrastination should be my middle name.
Apart from being all consumed by this amazing new little person in my life, my intentions have been good, I promise. It’s the putting pen to paper that I have trouble with.
I just didn’t realise that taking care of a little person would be such a full-time thing. Literally.
When he arrived, he slept all the time – so did I. Recovering from having a baby is incredibly important and necessary. Yes, I had a c-section. No, it wasn’t planned, but it was the situation I found myself in when the doctor broke my water and realised his heart rate was slowly dropping…
Scary stuff.
But everything went well and I was in labour for 3 hours and Nick arrived at 19h25 on 24 July 2015 (yes, my/his timing was perfect – his birthdate is 24/7 – cute!).

Between then and now it’s been a whirlwind of amazing adventures and memories.
Sure, it’s a hectic job that never offers a steady lunch break or mornings to sleep in. No, those days are long gone. And that’s okay, because I honestly wouldn’t trade it for my old life.
Motherhood has changed me, and in many good ways.

So, as we sit here, 8 days away from our very first Christmas with our beautiful little human boy, I can’t wait to keep making memories and unashamedly boasting about how much he melts my heart every day.
He’s the best and we are so blessed to have him!