3 Sleeps Until Nick Arrives!

I can’t believe we’re really down to one-hand-counting of days now.
This pregnancy has seriously felt like it has flown by, and dragged by, somehow. I’ve seen a someecards meme floating around the internet lately and basically it’s the chick sitting on her bed with her face in her hand, saying how the last month of pregnancy feels like a thousand-odd days as opposed to the months beforehand which fly by (pic below) – and it’s SO true!


But honestly, the last few weeks have literally begun and ended with a weekend, and we are literally in our last week (hopefully) before we meet our little human. I am so excited!
We have our weekly checkup at the doctor this morning at 11:30am, which should be our last appointment unless Nick is a week late arriving by Sunday, and I’m so keen to hear what she says. Last week Thursday (16th July) he was sitting ROT and at about 3.4kg had only just started to drop/engage, but not all the way. Between then and now I hopped onto the internet to find some tips on how to help your baby engage and after quickly bypassing the tales of walking (too cold outside as we’re slap-bang in the middle of Winter), consuming Cod Liver Oil (puke) and many other suggestions, I settled on squats. Yes, you probably think I’m mental, but I’ve pretty much always done squats before (and during) pregnancy, and I absolutely love them, believe it or not! So for the last 5 days I’ve been doing 50 squats a day and I definitely feel he has dropped.
The last week I’ve been feeling crampy on and off (Braxton hicks?), needing to make more frequent visits to the loo, there’s so much more wiggling lower down from baby and a whole lot less up top around the ribs, but other than that I’m still sleeping well and breathing has become immensely easier, which I’m so thankful for!
From about week 28/7 months, a kid really does start to take up a LOT of space in your body, pushing your lungs and the rest of your organs aside for you so that he/she can stretch out and get comfortable. And the closer it gets to the end of the pregnancy, the more limited the real estate gets and you feel like you constantly have someone sitting ON your chest when it comes to breathing.
I’m so thankful that I could workout for 8 months of this pregnancy, and walking on the treadmill helped with the breathing issue, as in, a LOT! I would definitely recommend that if you’re planning to fall pregnant, or have just found out that you are, that you start some form of walking/swimming/mild cardio workout every day, or every second day, and keep at it for as long as you can throughout your pregnancy. It really makes life easier!

Anyway, so far I’m good. Nerves have set in but only very slightly. I’m not at all afraid of the birth itself; all I’m focusing on is the little face I get to see at the finish line, and I really can’t wait.
The not knowing WHEN he may arrive is freaking us both out a little, however. I have to admit, hah!
But he will be here when he’s ready and it’s just a matter of hanging in there.
For now, let’s see what Doc says in a few hours… UPDATE ON ITS WAY.