Adventures: Table Mountain Yellow Frames

On Sunday morning, after having a quick peek at the weather app on my mobile device, it looked like it would turn out to be an incredibly sunny, but not so warm, Winter’s day.
My initial thought was, “Yay! Let’s do something fun!!”.

Now, as you may (or may not) know, being 9 months pregnant leaves you with a shortage of energy … time, willingness to do anything, breath, patience … but mostly energy. But I really felt like, since Nick could arrive literally any minute now, despite us technically having 3 weeks left for him to reach the full 40 weeks, he really could safely arrive any one of these days!

So, with the little bit of energy I had left, and of course a smile, once the husband had awoken, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go Yellow Frame hunting.
Yes, this has nothing to do with any nursery décor, I can assure you.
This has to do with the beautiful mountain that makes our city feel like home; Table Mountain.
Just last year Cape Town was marked as the World Design Capital, and Table Mountain as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World – how cool? Yes, we’re Capetonians and we’re dorkily proud of all this fancy new branding of our city.

In celebration of this, an artist named Porky Hefer created, designed and optimally erected these frames to be positioned to perfectly frame a view of Table Mountain. Visitors can travel to all six sites to snap an image of themselves and Table Mountain. By setting up framed views from some unusual locations, people will be reminded of the beauty of the mountain from within the city, and convey a sense that it is a mountain for everyone, not just for visitors to the “usual” tourist locations. This is a great way to celebrate Cape Town’s New7Wonder of Nature and to encourage people to share images of the different views on social media.
A very cool idea and I can’t believe we haven’t managed to get around to this amazing activity up until now!

Unfortunately, we only made it to 5 of the six frames; time had run out and the very last frame was quite a distance out of our way, but maybe one day we’ll reach it for a snapshot together.

One thing I found was that there isn’t a decent place on the internet where you can find directions/landmarks/GPS Coordinates or any of those helpful bits of info when you need to find your next Yellow Frame in a hurry.
So I figured here would be a great place to have that info listed, and hopefully it’s of some (or great) help to whoever decides to go on a Yellow Frame adventure of their own in future.

Our route took us this way:

The Eden on the Bay, Big Bay, Yellow Frame:
Situated literally on the Eden on the Bay Mall property, at the far end of the restaurants – you can’t miss it! There are two security guards standing there who will safely take the photograph for you if you are alone, don’t have a trendy selfie stick, a backup friend to snap the shot, or your very own professional photographer to follow you along your adventures around the city.
GPS: -33.791826, 18.456706

Big Bay Table Mountain Yellow Frame - Click pictures to be taken to GPS Coordinates in Maps
Big Bay Table Mountain Yellow Frame – Click pictures to be taken to GPS Coordinates in Maps

The Cape Town Station Yellow Frame, CBD:
This is bit of a dodgy area of town, especially if you’re going to do this on a Sunday when it’s relatively quiet with nobody about. Parking is difficult too, so be prepared to walk a little and do your photo quickly. I wouldn’t recommend asking anyone to take the photo for you, as the center of town is well known for unsavouries who may just grab and run off with it.
If you’re hard-pressed for a photo of everybody you’re with in it though, maybe consider going into one of the fast food takeaway joints there and ask a member of staff or manager to quickly pop out with you to take the shot.
You will see the frame clearly coming up Adderley on your left, driving toward the mountain.
GPS: -33.922151,18.425063

Cape Town Station Yellow Frame

The Signal Hill Yellow Frame, CBD:
Here, there are many tourists and locals floating around who are more than happy to take your photo for you, generally if you offer to take one of them in return.
You will see the frame clearly once you’ve parked your car and have started a short stroll on the walking path toward the mountain.
GPS: -33.918065, 18.402340

The District Six Yellow Frame, CBD:
This one was a little trickier to find, but if you’re a local, of course you will know of the legendary Charly’s Bakery! This next frame is literally inside the parking of Charly’s Bakery and the backdrop of the frame is accompanied by a huge mural of a portrait on a building – not easy to miss.
This is also a bit of a quiet area on the weekend, so keep the eyes peeled and don’t leave your mobile phone or camera with just anybody to take the snap for you.
GPS: -33.928405,18.42478

The V&A Waterfront Yellow Frame:
This is possibly the nicest location to end your adventure on, since you’ve parked, walked and then could probably do with a bite to eat after all the hard work.
The V&A Waterfront is very safe and there are plenty of willing people to ask to take your photo for you, so ask anybody.
The frame is situated directly outside the Den Anker restaurant and the closest parking lot, should you be too tired to walk, would be Ulundi Parking. You’d still need to walk a little bit, but it is by far the shortest route.
GPS: -33.906082, 18.421028

The Kyahelitsha Yellow Frame:
Unfortunately this is the one we didn’t manage to reach.
However, I would encourage anybody who is keen to do this activity to make the trip out there, especially if you’re interested in township experiences, and possibly even trying out the local cuisine and communities. There are a few shebeens to visit which will give you the complete township experience, and allow you to really soak up the South African culture in its truest form.
GPS: -34.046608, 18.656649
Image source unknown

All in all, I would say that the best time of year to do this activity around the city would be anything but the dead of Winter (June, July, August). Naturally, you’d need a day that allows relatively uninterrupted views of Table Mountain.
This is a really fun activity for any age and, if you have kids with you on the day out, it’s a great way to not have to spend much money as access to these frames are all free of charge, everybody loves a selfie, and by the end of the day you feel you’ve seen the entire city and have made memories to last a lifetime.

Make a day of it, charge the batteries in your camera and enjoy everything that Cape Town has to offer!
We loved it!