3 Weeks Away!

IMG_2603 As far as blogging goes, or keeping any form of a diary going through my teenage years, I have never been really consistent. It has always been a super exciting idea to start; layout, colours, commitment to every entry thereafter. Then comes the starting of it… hmm, okay, let’s get this part out of the way so that we can start making it look like…well, SOMEthing. Throw it all together, get the diary, collect your thoughts, the relevant (over-the-top-colourful) stationery, and begin!
Erm, *insert writers block here*.
And that has been my experience. Literally every time. Hrm.

This time, however, since I’m on the cusp of a very big (but very happy, planned and welcomed) life change, it’s only fitting to start this and make it work.
Yes, you read the title; the husband and I are literally 3 weeks away from our very own, brand-spanking new baby boy arriving. Can you belieeeeve it!? How exciting.
So, since I’ve been promising myself I’d gather together and begin a little blog in quietly in my little corner of the interwebs all my pregnancy, and I’m only getting to it now (typical Libra!), I am doing it.
It is here. There’s no going back. I hope?

It’ll just be a place to share thoughts, ideas, plans, adventure stories and little bits about my day-to-day living as they all happen.
And yes, I can vaguely hear you sigh and roll your eyes, particularly if you’re already a parent (new or veteran), thinking to yourself, “shame, this poor soul thinks she’ll have the time and energy to keep a blog together with a newborn – what a n00b!”.
I totally get that. I’m not trynna hear that, but I totally get that.
I’m going to try anyway though, and it will make me happy to have a little ‘getaway, distraction, outlet’ and hopefully give me a little platform of organization in my otherwise what will soon be chaotic life.
A life, mind you, which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong.
I am so ready to grab this experience of taking care of a new little life with both hands and make the best of it. I am also a realist and understand it’s not going to be easy, and this may very well be the one thing that serves as a sane pill from time to time.

Anyway, so there we are. Intro’s (sort of) out of the way…
To be fair and a little more self-explanatory, we are the de Vries’. We live in a beautiful city, Cape Town (the Mother City), South Africa – more specifically, the Riebeek Valley; renowned for its wine and olives.
Side note: olives, gross. Wine, I could do with!
We have a 7 year old rough collie named Tank, and an 8 year old ginger tomcat, Kiki.
They’ve been our only real living responsibilities within our almost 10 year relationship, but have brought enough joy to our lives, as animals do.
We married in 2011 and have always lived for adventures together.

It’s a fun life. I can’t complain at all. I love our life; it’s simple, but busy, and we always make the most of everything, which is probably my most ideal life situation, if I had to think of one, and that makes me happy.

So, here’s to the fun and adventures ahead – as scary as they may get, or funny, or whatever.
Let’s (attempt to) do it!